• agriculture trade

    Red Kidney Bean

    Red Kidney Bean : Good quality and Moisture not over 15% Read more
  • agriculture trade

    Color Sago seed

    Small Sago white / Pink / Green sago , Tapioca Pearl Read more
  • agriculture trade

    Corn Cob Meal

    We can supply corn cob for Mushroom cultivate and pet bed , please contact us Read more
  • agriculture trade

    Sago Seed / Tapioca Pearl

    Sago Seed / Tapioca Pearl Read more
  • agriculture trade

    Shallot / Bawang Merah

    Red and Dry quality - Srisaket area , Petchabun area and Lam phoon area - Jumbo , Big, Medium size - we can do shallot withour root and stem Read more
  • agriculture trade

    Yellow Maize / Corn

    Yellow maize Feed Grade for export Read more
  • agriculture trade

    Pearl Barley

    Coix seed with husk and without husk Read more
  • agriculture trade

    Red Sorghum

    Human consume grade / Feed Grade Read more
  • agriculture trade

    Green mung bean / Moong whole

    Our Green mung bean grow and harvest in Thailand, we selected best quality of green mung bean from field clean and gravity by modern machine with careness for our customer. Read more

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